How long do I have to complete the course?

Once you begin your course, you have 1 year to complete the requirements to receive a graduation certificate. We recommend a completion time of 4 months, but 1 year allows you to accommodate your personal schedule.

Can I use my completed courses towards the 200h YTT?

Yes, any completed course done through VSOY will be recognized and applied towards a future 200H YTT certification.

What if I cannot physically practice yoga during the YTT due to injury?

No problem, accommodate your practice according to your condition. Sometimes injuries are great teachers, as long as your doctor has given you medical clearance to practice a modified yoga practice, there should be no issues with your completion in the course. There will be recommended yoga classes throughout the training, you are not required to practice if you are injured, but please view the classes.

Are there any additional cost(s)?

The e-manual will be included in the cost. It will be available to download once you login to the classroom. There will be additional reading materials that you will be required to purchase, a list will be provided to you in the beginning of the course.

Will there be continuous mentor support?

Yes, there will be weekly Live sessions with your mentors and a Facebook group to help us all stay connected and motivated.

Are you a RYS (Registered Yoga School)?

Yes, we are. Upon graduation, you will have the option to receive a dual certification from VNYSA School of Yoga as well as Yoga Alliance.

Does VNYSA follow Yoga Alliance Guidelines?

Yes. VNYSA school of yoga adheres to and exceeds the Yoga Alliance 200H YTT standards.



How many students are accepted into the program?

What does VSOY look for in students?


Is there additional reading for this training?

How much do the books cost?


How much are students required to practice during training?

How advanced do students need to be to start training?


How do students find a sense of community given that the program is online?


How many hours a week should students spend on course material?


How are students assessed on their progress?


How much one-on-one mentorship is provided in this program?


What will mentorship look like once the program is over?


What are the requirements for taking this program?