What to expect

What you can expect in this course

This course will give you everything you need to find a meditation technique that works for you and develop a lifelong meditation practice.  This course is called introduction to meditation but gives you the opportunity to take a technique into deeper practice and study. During this course we will look at how the yoga texts define meditation and learn a variety of meditation techniques (from seated to moving meditation). This course will be mainly practice based to prepare you for the homework of self practice. 

Do I need anything for this course?

  • If you have trouble sitting comfortably for long periods of time you may need some blankets, props or even if a chair.
  • A mala for japa meditation is recommended.
  • Comfortable clothing and environment.
  • Journal to record your practice and journal your homework assignments.
  • Begin to take notice of your surroundings, treat your meditation practice like a sacred ceremony - think of what helps you settle the mind and body, perhaps a hot beverage, burning of incense, a particular mala or item.

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