What is VNYSA?

Vinyasa comes from the Sanskrit words “nyasa” meaning “to place” and “vi” meaning “in a specific way”. Like notes on a scale and steps to the summit, there is progress but there is more than one way to play the notes and walk the summit. VNYSA school of yoga offers an online training program that is as unique as you are - with a flexible learning schedule, room to customize your learning and continuous support from lead instructors. VNYSA school of yoga is rooted in the traditional methods of yoga but also includes more modern and developing styles and sciences.

We recognize that each individual is unique with different strengths, which is why our goal is to not only help others discover their potential but also bringing in some of the best teachers in their specialty. We work towards bringing the best possible teachings to you. You will have access to what we call “The Best of the Best”. We have adapted the standard teacher training online to allow for more flexible scheduling as well as lowering the cost without losing the quality.

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