What to expect

VNYSA Online School of Yoga. Lead by master teachers offering a revolutionary and modernized digital Teacher Training. VNYSA means 'to place in a special way'. Amplify your inner voice, unveil your uniqueness, tap into a higher vibration and discover your purest potential. Find your way with VNYSA. Whether you are looking to teach or to deepen your knowledge of yoga, VNYSA's comprehensive TT will give you the tools to do so. Our curriculum is created in alignment with the Yoga Alliance guidelines, while going above and beyond their requirements. VNYSA's graduates will learn how to find their perfect place, pace, and space in honing a unique teaching skill set in this modernized world of yoga through this modernized training platform.

Be Different. Think Different. Teach Different.

We pride ourselves in our less traditional, more authentic approach to yoga and are excited to share this way of yoga with you.

This training isn't about creating more yoga teachers, it's about building yoga leaders. Yoga leaders are those who are willing to move beyond the status quo, who are just as excited to learn the intricacies of the body as they are the habits of the mind and heart. Who are willing to be bold and be a part of this progressive path of yoga.

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